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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ridiculously expensive watches

Several days ago, on my pages , I posted on Benzinger watches. Beautiful timepieces that range between $20k and $50k. Certainly the price of a Mini or even a well discounted Benz. But I just read that Nadal was wearing a $525k watch during his last match at the French Open. A Richard Mille watch.  WTF, that's the price of a house. Checking the RM website I was amazed, not by the beauty, but by the fact that I would never want to wear one of these.

This one lists at $565k but you can get it discounted for $452k

This one discounted to $300k
or you can purchase the one below for the rather paultry price of $50k

Let me quote you:
"Richard Mille timepieces offer a very different conceptual approach in the luxury watch field. It is Mille’s goal to be to the watch industry what Ferrari and Mc Laren are to the automotive field—technologically advanced, innovative and performance oriented. Indeed, the image of Mille is anything but typical. The timepieces produced by this brand are the results of a very talented team of engineers working in an ultra-modern production workshop to serve as strong 21st century concept.

The Richard Mille watch is an object of relentless reliability and bold difference. All of the components have been manufactured from scratch and many are totally integrated. Every detail of the Richard Mille watches have been the subject of extreme scrutiny. Each movement contains 267 components—the production of which require more than 20,000 mechanical operations. Even the tiny titanium screws used in the watch undergo twenty or more operations before meeting Richard Mille’s approval."

The irony of this is the replicas can be bought for under $200, you can't even buy a Breitling replica that cheap.

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