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Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 USA Men's Boxing Team

     Currently some of the members of the USA Men's Boxing Team are training at 'The Rock' in Carson, CA. They are training here prior to the team traveling to Rio de Janiero for the Olympic Regional Qualifiers, May 4-12. Three members of the ten man squad have already 'Qualified' for the 2012 Olympics and do not need to re-qualify, while two others are training elsewhere.

Currently Training at 'The Rock'

Santos Vasquez: 108 lb weight class

Jose Ramirez: 132 lb weight class

Jamel Herring: 141 lb weight class

Terrell Gausha: 165 lb weight class

Marcus Browne:178 lb weight class

Dominic Breazeale: 201+ lb weight class

In addition the following are team sparring partners.

Caleb Plant: 165 lb weight class

Steven Nelson: 178 lb weight class

Those that have already Qualified.

Rau'shee Warren: 112 lb weight class (2 time Olympic Champ)

Joseph Diaz: 119 lb weight class

Errol Spence: 152 lb weight class

_____I have not Shot him!_____

Training Elsewhere

Michael Hunter: 201 lb weight class

'The Rock' - Training facility in Carson, CA

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