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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In The Corner And On The Ropes With Daniel Ponce de Leon (2013.10.28)

    In the corner and on the ropes. I was standing just outside the neutral corner when I shot these photos. Here are some images from yesterdays (2013.10.28) Super Bantamweight Champ Daniel Ponce de Leon's sparing session at his boxing gym in Montebello CA.  Eight rounds with two different partners, 4 rounds each. With a record of  44-5, you can easily see why 35 of those victories came by way of knock outs.
      I may not get to shoot as many events as I like, but I do manage to gain access to a good number of fighters as they are training and in many cases get to know them personally. I didn't have time to stay for the rest of that session, but next time - on the pads and bags.

Special thanks to Daniel Ponce de Leon

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All images shot with Canon 1Dx 

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