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Monday, December 23, 2013

2013.12.21; Charles Martin vs Glendy Hernandez - All Star Promotions

Two undefeated fighters entered the ring for a scheduled 6 round bout, Charles Martin (12-0-1) training out of Henry Tillman Boxing Club in Carson and Glendy Hernandez (10-0) from Canal Point FL. As they say when it's a match up between two undefeateds, "one of those 0's has got to go". The fight didn't go the scheduled 6, Martin dropped Hernandez in the 2nd and it was down hill for the Cuban born fighter from then on. Hernandez, retiring with an injury, didn't answer the bell for the 5th round. Martin remains undefeated and improves to 13-0-1.

Here are images from that fight;

The corner looks on as the fight is called by referee Raul Caiz Jr.

Special thanks to Ed Holmes and All Star Promotions

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