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Friday, May 15, 2015

Golovkin / Monroe Media Workout 2015.05.13

The Golovkin vs Monroe Fighter Media Workouts was held at Wild Card West Boxing Gym in Santa Monica, on Wednesday May 13. I thought I would get these images out prior to the scheduled fight on Saturday May 16'
The workout was a contrast in styles, Willie Monroe mingled with the media, gave interviews and shadow boxed to salsa. While the GGG's workout was a more structure exhibition event, Gennady, stretching jumping rope, shadow boxing, and then with his coach Abel Sanchez on the mitts.

Here are some images from that event;

First Willie,

Then Gennady!

Photos were shot with either Canon DX1 or Leica M (240) cameras.

Special thanks to Banner Boxing, Magna Media, and Bernie Bahrmasel.

As always, all images are copyright Peter Politanoff / Redstarimage, and may not be reproduced without explicit consent. You are more than welcome however to link to this site!

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