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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bradley vs Vargas : Top Rank Boxing 2015.06.27

Last Saturday at the Stub Hub Center in Carson CA,  Top Rank had Timothy Bradley matched up with Jesse Vargas. Bradley came in with a record of 31-1-1 w/ 12KOs, while undefeated Vargas's record was 26 wins w/ 9KOs. At stake was the interim WBO World Welterweight title. Bradley clearly dominated the fight for all 12 rounds. The 12th round however proved to be controversial, Vargas tagged Bradley with 15 seconds to go, they then tied up on the ropes, referee Pat Russell separated the 2 fighters and then mistakenly called then end of the fight with 7 seconds still to go in the round. Vargas thought that the fight had been called because Bradley couldn't continue. That however was not the case. Russell had mistaken the 10 second warning for the bell.

Bradley was awarded the victory by UD. Here are some of my shots from that contest;

Here is where referee Pat Russell makes his mistake. The fighters are tied up against the ropes, Pat separates them. We could clearly hear the 10 warning up in the booth and then suddenly he calls it with about 7 to go. 

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