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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Duffus vs Reyes ; 2015.06.13 Top Rank / Bash Boxing

In a battle of cruiserweights, scheduled for 6 rounds, Israel Duffus 7(6KOs)-3-0 was matched up with Carlos Reyes 7(5KOs)-7-1. A battle it was. Reyes was down twice, in the 1st and 6th, while Duffus was down in the 2nd. Reyes was also cut badly in the third, and despite his corner not being able to stop the bleeding the fight continued. The contest continued until the fight was finally stopped in the 6th. Reyes showed a lot of heart, but this was his first loss by a KO. Duffus showed skill and patience and wore Reyes down, finishing him off with a 6th, improving his record to 8(7KOs)-3-0.

Here are images from that contest;

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Special thanks to Steve Bash, Bash Boxing and Top Rank

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