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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Morales, Martinez And Redkach at Azteca Boxing Gym, 2015.08.21

Last Friday I stopped by Azteca Boxing Gym in Bell, CA.  Mario 'Yuka' Morales was there with two of his fighter, Welterweight Asesino(Aron) Martinez (19-4-1) and Lightweight Ivan Redkach (18-1-0). It was the first time I had met Martinez and was happy to see Redkach reunited with his former trainer.
With both fighter having contests coming up in the next month I though I would take the opportunity to grab some shots of their training.

Here are some images from that training session:

One of my favorite trainers Mario 'Yuka' Morales watching his fighters spar,

Head gear off and a quick photo. 

Mario tends to Redkach after the sparring session,

Two of Redkach on the heavy bag,

and one of him on the speed bag!

I catch up with Martinez on double ended bag,

small heavy bag,

and finally I catch a shot of Martinez working under the watchful eye of his trainer.

Many thanks to Azteca Boxing Gym for always welcoming me, and to Asesino Martinez, Ivan Redkach, and Yuka for letting me shoot the session.

As always all images are copyright Peter Politanoff / RedStarImage and may not be reproduced without explicit consent.

All images except one (Redkack throwing right to the body) were shot with Leica M/M typ246 monochrome camera and 50mm Summicron lens.

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Beautiful, as always Peter!