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Monday, May 12, 2014

Stiverne - Arreola II ; 2014.05.10 Goossen Tudor / Don King Productions

Bermane Stiverne had won their previous meeting by unanimous decision. Much more than retribution was at stake for Chris Arreola, the recently vacated WBC heavyweight title was at stake as well.
Here are some images from that fight;

Arreola acknowledging his fans.

Arreola came out very aggressive. The first 5 rounds were clear his!

Landing combination after combination.

Bermane Stiverne landing a few, but Arreola was clearly in charge, and ahead both in punches thrown and percentage landed.

However the 6th round became his undoing.

Knocked down twice in the 6th, the shot below was the second knock down.

After Arreola was no longer able to defend himself,

referee Jack Reise stopped the contest.

Congratulations go out to Bermane Stiverne he has become the first Haitian born heavyweight to win a world championship title!

A very crowded ring as the fighters are interviewed after the fight.

A special thanks to Goossen Tudor, Don King Productions and Team Arreola.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

In Training Camp With Chris Arreola

On May 10, in Los Angeles, Chris Arreola 36-3-0 (31 KOs) will battle Bermane Stiverne 23-1-1  (20KOs) for the vacant WBC Heavyweight Title, the title that was vacated by Vitali Klitschko last December. Arreola, a resident of Southern California opted to keep his training camp close to home, The House of Boxing in San Diego.
I've been fortunate to spend time in Chris's training camp, here are some images.

It is important to protect the fighter's hand so a proper hand wrap is as necessary for the sparring session as it is for the actual fight.

Here Chris checks the wrap on his left.

After the hands are wrapped the gloves go on.

Some last minute instructions from the corner, Henry Ramirez is his coach & Trainer.

For this training camp Chris enlisted fellow heavyweight Joe Hanks 21-1-0 (14KOs) as his sparring partner. Here the mirror each others stance!

After the hard hitting sparring session, Chris

And Joe with Henry in the baseball cap.

Former IBF heavyweight champ Chris Byrd offers some insight.

Two shots of Chris on the heavy bag. 

Session all over - a group shot. L-R Henry Ramirez, Chris Arreola, Chris Byrd, Jamal Abdullah (Hanks coach & trainer) and Joe Hanks.

Many thanks to Chris Arreola, Chris Byrd and the House of Boxing.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yunier Dorticos vs Eric Fields ; 2014.04.16, King Sports Worldwide - Boxing at Barker

The first title bout of the evening, was a match up of two Cruiserweights, Yunier Dorticos with a record of 16-0-0 (16KOs) and Eric Fields with a 24-2-0 (16KOs) record. At stake were 2 titles, The WBA Interim Fedelatin and the vacant USBA Cruiserweight titles. A good match up with two hard hitting fighters.
Dorticos went down early in the first, while Fields went down twice in the second and finally put through the ropes in the fourth.
Dorticos improves to 17-0-0 with all 17 wins coming by way of knock outs (having only boxed a total of 36 rounds), and now holds three titles.

Here are some images of that contest.

Click on the images for a larger view

First knock down of Fields, through the ropes.

Dorticos first sets up the left with a right to the head. This left is the KO shot.

Special thanks to King Sports Worldwide.

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Charles Martin vs Alexander Flores ; 2014.04.16 King Sports Worldwide - Boxing at Barker

The 'Main Event' was a contest for a vacant WBO NABO Heavyweight Title. A battle between two undefeated fighters, 'Prince' Charles Martin entering the ring with a 15-0-1 (13 KOs) record and Alexander Flores with a 14-0-0 (12KOs) record. At stake was not only the Title but also the '0', and one of those '0's' had to go.
Charles Martin took charge early, with 2 knock downs, the second coming at 1;14 of the 4th round.
'Prince' Charles Martin wins his first crown, his record improves to 16-0-1 (14 KOs) and moves up in the rankings to #14 on the WBO chart.

Here are some images from that fight; 

Click on the image for a larger view.

A Special thanks to King Sports Worldwide.

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