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Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014.08.09 Glendale CA. - Bash Boxing / Top Rank Boxing

Well better late than never. Here are images from three of the bouts on the 10 bout fight card.

Alex Zubov vs Harvey Jolly  Cruiserweights  Zubov wins by unanimous decision:

Liam Vaughan vs Saul Benitez  Welterweight  Vaughan wins by unanimous decision;

Zach Wohlman vs Paul Velarde  Super Lightweight  Velarde wins by unanimous decision;

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Special thanks to Steve bash, Bash Boxing and Top rank Boxing.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Face Off; Nugaev vs Shafikov , 2014.08.15

At the Chumash Casino in St Ynez CA, two Russian lightweights Rustam Nugaev and Denis Shafikov (ranked #3 and #7 respectively coming into the fight) battled to determine who will be the designated contender for the upcoming IBF Lightweight title fight against Miguel Vasquez.
Denis Shafikov prevailed when referee Jack Reiss stopped the contest in the 9th round.

Here are images from the fight!

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Special thanks to Gary Shaw Productions, Chumash Casino, Team Nugaev, and Team Shafikov.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stiverne - Arreola II ; 2014.05.10 Goossen Tudor / Don King Productions

Bermane Stiverne had won their previous meeting by unanimous decision. Much more than retribution was at stake for Chris Arreola, the recently vacated WBC heavyweight title was at stake as well.
Here are some images from that fight;

Arreola acknowledging his fans.

Arreola came out very aggressive. The first 5 rounds were clear his!

Landing combination after combination.

Bermane Stiverne landing a few, but Arreola was clearly in charge, and ahead both in punches thrown and percentage landed.

However the 6th round became his undoing.

Knocked down twice in the 6th, the shot below was the second knock down.

After Arreola was no longer able to defend himself,

referee Jack Reise stopped the contest.

Congratulations go out to Bermane Stiverne he has become the first Haitian born heavyweight to win a world championship title!

A very crowded ring as the fighters are interviewed after the fight.

A special thanks to Goossen Tudor, Don King Productions and Team Arreola.

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