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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Revisiting - Stocking Stuffers: A Chemo Christmas Story

originally published this story in 2012, Eve had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer, it had already spread to many parts of her body including the cervical spine. We were not sure how long she would last, we were hoping until Christmas at least. Well she fought, and fought hard. Not only did she make it to Christmas 2012, but she also made it to Christmas 2013. Eve lost her battle with cancer this past May. After 21 months strait of chemo therapy. So this is the first Christmas we will spend without her. I thought I would repost this story as a tribute to her strength and courage, and for all those battling cancer now.

The house had been decorated for Christmas, but decidedly less then the years preceding  There were garlands on the beams, with large red ornaments hanging equally spaced. Holly branches on the table surrounding the antique wooden religious statues. The fireplace equally ornate replete with the large Father Christmas center of the mantle, our signature decor. 

In addition 2 mismatched stockings, usually filled with trinkets and assorted items, hung empty. This holiday season had been spent on doctors appointments, lab tests, chemo treatments, radiation therapy, and more lab tests. There was little time, energy or even thoughts about those empty stockings.

Besides the variety of foods, drinks and sweets that one associates with Christmas, the one thing she enjoyed most at this time of the year was filling those stockings. Filing them with little things, that had very large meanings.

“After lunch I’d like you to take me to the mall, I need to buy some stocking stuffers for the kids” she said.
Don’t you think it might be a little to taxing for you?
“No” she said, “I know exactly what I want and I can do it rather quickly”
OK, we will go after lunch although I think the morning would be better, it gets very crowded this close to Christmas. But yes I will take you.
She took about 6 or 7 steps and sat down in the club chair.
“You know I just can’t, I don’t have the energy” she said with a look of resignation and defeat. Her eyes swelled ever so slightly, as if she were going to cry - but she didn’t.
(There are times I wish she would cry instead of holding it all back)
The kids will understand, they know what you’ve been going through.
“Yes but, the stockings are empty” she said
Wait I have an idea, I have to drive by the mall anyways today. Why don’t you tell me what you want and I’ll get them
“That’s a good idea, I’ll go online and send you the links - it’s all from one store anyways” she said, with a new found energy.

Those stockings may have only one item each inside, but more importantly they are filled with all the love that is in her heart.

Merry Christmas !!!

Not only did we lose Eve this year but her dog died a few weeks ago as well. The house is truly quiet and cold now, all of the energy is gone. Amongst the few items I have kept of Eve's was her red Burberry rain coat - she always wore it walking the dog. I have hung it up on a peg as a reminder of her joy of life and her love of her dog, who besides her children and myself brought her much comfort in her final days. 

With all of our hearts and all of our love what else is there left to say!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Viloria, Ortiz, and Kilic win at Top Rank / Bashing Boxing 2014.12.06 Glendale CA

Three fighters representing Wild Card Boxing Gym all won there respective fights. Brian Viloria (34-4-0-2, 20KOs), Gloferson Ortizo (1-0-1, 1KO) and Cem Kilic (pro debut)

Flyweight Brian Viloria scored a 3rd round KO over Armando Vasquez (20-13-2-1, 5KOs), in a bout that was scheduled for 10.

Super Lightweight Gloferson Ortizo won by Unanimous Decision over Danny Ruiz (2-2-0) in 4 rounds.

Middleweight Cem Kilic topped Jose Mejias with a Unanimous Decision, in 4 rounds of competition. Both fighters were making their Professional Debuts.

Special thanks to Steve Bash, Bash Boxing, Top Rank, & The Art of Boxing.

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Dogboe, Williams,Takahashi win at Ed Holmes / AllStarBoxing: 2014.11.29

Favorites Isaac Dogboe and Gaku Takahashi both win while Lamont Williams upsets Israel Duffus at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Isaac Dogboe 3(2KO)-0-0 won by UD over a more experienced Wilbert Lopez 5(1KO)-3-0;

Panamanian Israel Duffus 6(5KO)-1-0 had the fight all the way putting down Lamont Williams 5(2KO)-6-1 2 times, until Williams caught him with a right hook and that ended Duffus' night.

Finally, Gaku Takahashi 12(6KO)-5-1 won a majority decision over Brian Gordon 4(4KO)-3-1 in a 4 round contest.

Special thanks to Ed Holmes & All Star Boxing.

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