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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Between The Holidays 2011 - Images From Around the House.

Seems every December lately, I am house bound for one reason or another. Last year I not only had a knee injury but it also rained for 2 weeks straight. At that time I discovered the Hipstamatic App for the iPhone. I used it to shoot an extensive series of images documenting where and how I live. In addition to my regular photography I have shot over 4K Hipstamatic images in the past year.
So, this year I found myself in a similar situation, so again I decided to document my house (mostly in color this time).

Rainy Window

House Plant

Watermelon of Sorts

3 Pears in a Bowl


Yellow Wall


Travel Section of My Library

Field Glasses


Holiday Decor 1

Holiday Decor 2



As always all images are copyright Peter Politanoff (RedStarImage), and all restrictions apply.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

All American Heavyweights - 'The Rock' 2011.12.15

Here are just a few of the images I shot on 2011.12.15, at 'The Rock' in Gardena, CA. The training center not only for the All American Heavyweights (AAH), but also the 'LA Matadors'.
More posts in this vein will follow in the next few weeks.
AAH was fighting out of the blue corner, so unless otherwise noted, all fighters wearing blue.

Kiano Prater

Lee Branch

D'Andre Faison

Jonathan Moreno

Jonathan Rice

George Fa'Avae (in Black)

Charles Martin

Dominic Breazeale (in Black)

Jon Hamm

Shot with Canon 1D mkIV and Canon 5D mkII, ISO 4000, AWB.

All images copyright Peter Politanoff (RedStarImage). All rules and restrictions apply.