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Sunday, January 29, 2012

L.A. Matadors vs Milano Thunder

On Jan. 22, 2012 The L.A. Matodars played host to the (previously) undefeated Milano Thunder. By the insertion of 'previously' you can guess the outcome, The Matadors won 4-1. Here are some of the images of coaches and fighters I shot that evening. Many thanks to Rich Orosco for making this possible.

Head Coach Manny Robles 'wraps' Rau'Shee Warren,

and then Vyachelav Shabransky

While Robert Luna 'wraps' David Imoesiri,

and then Eric Fowler

Rau'Shee "Baby Pit" Warren, a 3 time U.S. Olympian

Eric "Fearless" Fowler

Terrell "Give 'em Hell" Gausha

Vyacheslav "The Ukraine Pain Train" Shabransky

David "The Dream Catcher" Imoesiri

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Eating Japanese - Yakitori Koshiji

A recurring theme of mine is of course food, after all man cannot live on words & concepts alone. One of my favorite cuisine is Japanese. I am always looking for a new good Yakitori, Sushi or Ramen Restaurant. Recently I had Yakitori at Koshiji. Koshiji has 2 locations, one in Little Tokyo and the other in Torrance. I had eaten at the Little Tokyo location before so I thought I would try the Torrance one this time.
Here are some images that I took while I was there. These images are not really of the food, more or less of the vibe. All images were shot with a Panasonic GX-1 w/ 20mm f/1.7 lens.

Couldn't resist the Asahi sign


Hot sake

Black Sesame & Chili 

Orange & Lemon Wedges

More Oranges and Hot Sake at Home

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Surfing at Breakwall Redondo Beach - 2012.01.06

Today was 'Big (Wave) Friday', for some unknown reason it has always happened on a Wednesday, but this year it's a 'Big Friday'. I had shot at the Manhattan Beach Pier earlier in the day, but at lunch I had heard it was really big at Breakwall. I had been wanting to shoot this surfing spot on a big day, so today was my opportunity.
Afternoon shots on the West Coast are always problematic, the sun is low in the sky and the surfers and the waves are backlit. To complicate matters even more there was a great deal of spray in the air, reducing visibility and focus even more.
These are todays shots.

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