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Friday, April 29, 2011

Malibu Castle Park, Redondo Beach

Although Malibu Castle Park, miniature golf park & arcade, has been closed for over 10 years it is still listed by Golf Link and Yelp as an active business. What gives with that? Passing by last night I was reminded that it was still there. So I stopped by this morning and took the following shots.
The castle is gone, but the 4+ story windmill still stands. The site has been trashed, and tagging and street art cover the walls. The area is heavily overgrown and resembles ruins in the Yucatan more than an abandoned-mini theme park.

The only other structure remaining, an adobe belfry.

Someone has even pitched a tent in the center (note the blue tent), and is living in his own private resort.

Something can be said for the quality of the putting green carpets - they still hold up!

At least the local street artists make good use of the abandoned buildings.

The old sign proclaiming the hopes of the future!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics. was nice to the what remained of once was a great place to spend summers

Anonymous said...

I worked there in the summer of 1985. It was my first job! Great memories. Sad to see it in such a shambles..

Edward C. said...

This place was always fun for me as a kid growing up.Riding our 1987 BMX bikes to have fun at the Water slides Arcade and Golf.Its sad to see it gone.I only wish my kids could have enjoyed what I did there.I will always have great memories of this place.

Eddie Cabrera said...

Thanx for the memories loved this place spent a lot of time and money there at the arcade and golf.

Eddie Cabrera said...

Loved this place as a kid spent a lot of time there at the arcade and miniature golf. Thanx for the pics miss that place.

Unknown said...

My dad managed it around that time

Stephen Perry said...

Malibu Castle was one of the greatest land marks in the South Bay Area. My father used to take me there when I was a child to beat me several times at the two miniature golf courses and I finally beat him after many of times play there. It was a magical moment as a child going there during summer time and going down those four water slides. The Castle Structure I miss most of all because that and one of front golf courses was tore down first. The Castle is filled with memories playing old 1980's video game one especially I remember they had a Arabian theme and ever time you went into the next level the page would turn. Gantlet Legend was another favorite video game that I like to play. I have taken digital photographs of the last golf course in the far back and finished a drawing based on one of the far Castle in the Miniature course.

sandy king said...

I went there as a kid, and took my kids there as well, a friend of mine was a manager. Kelly Ellis in the late 80's early 90's