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Monday, March 10, 2014

Rustam Nugaev (Рустам Нугаев) vs Marvin Quintero: 2014.03.07 Gary Shaw Productions

The main event at the Pala Casino (Televised on ESPN), was matching up lightweights Rustam Nugaev, coming in with a 26(16)-6-1 record, with Marvin Quintero with a record of 25(21)-4(3)-0. The bout schedule for 10 rounds was called after 4 when the ringside physician called the fight. Quintero had suffered a fractured left hand. Although the first 2 rounds were fairly evenly matched, Nugaev started to take control in the third, Quintero was backing up more and more, with Nugaev winning the battle on the ropes and in the corners. Wearing Quintero down with his shots to the body.
After a crushing blow to Quintero's left hand, the fight was Nugaev's, Quintero was only using his right and when he did throw a left at the end of the 4th you could see him grimacing in pain. Nugaev improves to 27-6-1.

Here are a few images from that fight:

Once Quintero was on the ropes or backed into the corners Nugaev easily took charge, with Quintero only occasionally able to respond.

Here is that devastating right to Quintero's left hand!

Quintero in his corner grimacing in pain after the 4th round!

Team Nugaev; Edouard Goumachian, Daisuke Okabe, Rustam, Rudy Hernandez.

Pat Russell was the third man in the ring.

Many thanks to Gary Shaw Productions, Mario Serrano, Team Nugaev and the Pala Casino.

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