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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The most visited cemetery in the world is Paris's Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. A cemetery containing the remains of notable figures in the field of Art, Literature, Philosophy etc. From H'Eloise & Abelard, Bellini, Moliere to Piaf and Morrison. A significant part of the past 400 years of Western Culture is interned here.
A different culture is buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery. A culture of the new world, a culture of the 20th century, and a culture of a new art form - film.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery is located on 62 acres on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Originally founded in 1899 as Hollywood Memorial Park, ironically it is adjacent to a Movie Studio - Paramount. The list of famous people interned or entombed is extensive. A veritable 'who was who' in the entertainment industry. From Rudolf Valentino to Johnny Ramone. From the famous, Douglas Fairbanks, to the infamous, the mobster Bugsy Siegel, and countless others in between. Not all of Hollywood is buried here, but a good portion is.
In addition to visiting the grave sites tombs and crypts, the cemetery is now open for other functions. You can view an open air film on Saturday evenings, or you can even take a yoga class on selected weekends. I hope they don't do weddings.

The main hall of The Cathedral Mausoleum with its many Saints protecting the tenants. In crypt 1205 you will find Rudolf Valentino, the Mausoleum also houses his shrine.

The Douglas Fairbanks memorial has the scale befitting a national hero.

While Johnny Ramone plays his guitar.

The Rotunda behind the main chapel.

And to keep pace with changing times and cultural influences, there is even a Thai buddhist section in the cemetery.

When in Hollywood, worth visiting.

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