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Monday, October 18, 2010

Excess and Over-indulgence

About 10 days ago I posted about Abstinence and Austerity, today I will take it to other extreme, Excess and Overindulgence.
This is a currently unoccupied (for sale) residence, with a great deal of the original furnishing included in the sales price. The owner after remodeling the interior, of a house with an rather nondescript exterior, then proceeded to spend in excess of $1 million on furnishings. Gold leafed furniture and some questionable art.
Not your typical family home!
Wonder what kind of parties were thrown here?

Lets start with the foyer:

Here's a shot of part of the Living room, I think a couple of throw pillows and a few plants could warm things up quite a bit.

The dining room, lacks sparkle don't you think.

The office/study, certainly a room for deep thought.

Hallway outside the Master Suite. Remember I mentioned questionable art. The sculpture is anatomically correct and robotic to boot, it was plugged in but I was reluctant to ask the realtor to turn it on. And to answer what your are probably thinking, yes I did get better shots of this. Makes for a great screen saver. 

Master Bedroom, some Regent is rolling over in grave out of envy no doubt.

My second favorite piece is this chair. I'll let you guess which my first choice is.

And of course no series would be complete without Me and a Mirror.

Now I my like Versace, but a little restraint goes a long way.

All images copyright Peter Politanoff 

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