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Friday, January 28, 2011

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: by way of Hipstamatic

I had arthroscopic knee surgery on Thursday for a torn meniscus. I thought I would document this procedure as far as I could with my iP4 using my Hipstamatic app. Yes I still shoot with my Leica M8 and Canon 5DmkII, but I'm enamored by this app. It makes quite ordinary and pedestrian shots look like works or art. Now I'm not making a judgemental call on my photography, I'm merely stating how wonderful this app is.
The day started early with a ride up PCH, through El Segundo.

Under the LAX runways.

Finally turning into the Howard Hughes Center in Westchester.

Looking up at the clinic building, surgery is on the third floor.

Up the elevator.

Not much for patients or their companions to in the waiting room except check Facebook.

Fill out the paperwork.

And, sit.

Lookout the window,

And sit some more.

Well, I wanted to shoot in the O.R. but it turns out I was fast asleep before ever seeing what it looked like. They could have performed the procedure in the parking structure and it would have made no difference to me.
They sent me home with a bunch of narcotics.

And, these two holes in my knee.

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