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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eating Japanese - Torihei

In my continuing series  "Eating Japanese", I've found another restaurant to write about. Fortunately it was located in Torrance (not far from home), in the strip mall next to Mitsuwa Market. The best description I could come up for Torihei is a Japanese Tapas restaurant. Their website describes it as" Yakitori Robata Dining", not only do they serve yakitori, but also izakaya dishes, oden and sashimi. I should mention also the beer, sake, and shochu! Here are some images I shot with iP4 and Panasonic GX1.

A storm was threatening, although forecast was for later in the evening.

Since we didn't have reservations, we had to sit in the back area. I would like to note, we were the only non-Japanese patrons. For me that is always a good sign of authenticity.

Although the menu was in Japanese the order forms were bilingual, and located in a tall glass on the table.

Fortunately I had researched not only their website but some of the dishes they served before arriving.

Xiao long boa was incredible!!

The yakitori in general was outstanding.

Finished the dinner very satisfied and determined to come back very soon.

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