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Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Becomes of Old and Abandoned Hospitals?

     What happens to hospitals when they become outdated, infrastructure crumbling, technologically inferior to the others nearby. Well in most cases, a new wing or two are built and the old one demolished. In other cases they are abandoned, often ransacked, left as refuge for some, only to be re-discovered by Urban Archaeologists decades later. 
     In some instances, the facilities go bankrupt. When these hospitals abruptly close, the staff merely walks away, the equipment that can be sold is, and the rest including medical record and files are left behind. 
     In Los Angeles however, old hospitals never die, they merely get re-cycled (or repurposed if you will) as film locations. Equipment, files, records, furniture and supplies that are left behind become valuable set dressing and props.
     Here is one I explored the other day while we were filming for a new TV Medical series.

Just a warning - this is a very dark tour of the facility!

Although Closed in 2004, the sign still remains.

Let's take you on a hypothetical journey. You enter and wait!

Then down a corridor.

To admissions or administration.

Down another corridor,

  To Radiology!

Down another corridor,

To the Corridor outside of the ORs. You could call this pre-op waiting!

The operating team scrubs!

 Wheels you in.

Off to recovery.

Then to your very own private room, I've omitted several corridors for fear of this post getting way too long.

Lucky you, it is a private room!

Others might not be so fortunate, 

 Further observation,

 And tests!

 More surgery!

 This is the point where it gets depressing!!!!

 Down the elevators,

 Down a basement corridor,

 And, into the Morgue!!

 The hand written entries in this ledger, are of all the autopsies performed here.

 In another room in the basement I found the facilities office, full of plans for the future. Unfortunately like those souls who passed through the morgue the hospital did not survive either!!

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