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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking for a Piñata in L.A. ? Try Central and Olympic.

     On the south side of Olympic and west of Central are about 2 blocks worth of party supply stores. Not the usual type that carry ribbons and bows and plastic utensils. Rather these are stores that all specialize in Piñatas and 'Piñata Party' supplies. A colorful array that brightens up a bleak industrial area known as the Produce District. You can buy everything from a tamale cooker, loteria games to dried chilies and Mexican treats. By the way parking is a bargain only $3, where else can you find that in L.A. these days.

You can also find some very colorful brooms, do they make housework less dreary?

Hungry, there is a food truck,

and Taqueria 'La Papa Loca'

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