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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Henry Tillman Championship Boxing

I first met Henry Tillman several years ago when he was part of All American HeavyWeights, with the end of that program Henry decided to open his own gym. Walking into his new gym is like walking into 'the past, present and future of boxing', not only are current pro and amateur prospects training here, but there are constant visits from other current and former fighter as well. Just the other day saw light welterweight Pauli Malinaggi and former light welterweight 'Two Gun' Robertson drop by.
The day I stopped by was the first day the gym was ready and also a day of sparring. Not only were the heavyweights Hamm and Martin training for their upcoming fights, but a number of other athletes were there as well. Heavyweight Joe 'The Future' Hanks 21-0, 14KO, is currently training here also, with his coach Jamal Abdullah, in preparation for his upcoming fight in Macau

Henry Sits on the apron of the boxing ring in his new gym in Carson, CA.

Heavyweight Charles Martin warms up,

while heavyweight Jonathan Hamm wraps his hands.

Olympian Michael Hunter shadowboxing in foreground and George Faave in the background.

Referee Ray Chavez dropped in for the action and the practice.

Then its time for the sparring Jon Hamm and George Faave pair up,

while Charles Martin pairs up with Michael Hunter.

 Trainer Nico on the pads with George,

then with his son.

Sparring is over but not the workout, Charles shadowboxes,

 Hamm jumps rope.

Devo, George and Jon all on the heavy bags!

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