You know, I just can't walk past a mirror without taking a self portrait.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hipstamatic is a great photo app for the iphone that renders an analog effect to the digital images. There is the initial app and plenty of add ons, these put the mystery back into photography. The framing is not precise and output is not very controllable, if at all. But the end result is always a pleasant surprise. It is like shooting with a Lomo but with instant results. I've just started playing around with it in the last few days. here are some of my results.

The above images were all taken w/ the John S lens & Ina's 69 film setting. Below are 2 images taken with the same lens and Salvador Dream Canvas Film setting. In addition I have posted 3 images with with Blackeys B&W film setting. Various other film setting are available, all very very inexpensive.