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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

 Setting The Traps

Traveled down to Oceanside yesterday. Looking for blue skies and warm weather. Unfortunately, it was a brisk and foggy morning. Stopping by the harbor, I saw a fisherman working on several stacks of traps, some old and beaten up, and some new traps. I thought they were lobster, turns out they are for prawns.
Francis was the man adjusting the new traps. 
Asked him if the new traps were replacements for the old. 
He said  "No …. The old ones were great since they have been baited so many times, the prawns can smell them.”
Where in the ocean you set them?  “We have two areas, each a mile in length stretch between two buoy markers. We set about 500 traps at a time. Work one area one day, the other area the next …. We catch and re-bait the traps at the same time.” 

Old and battered, but still very useful.

Making minor modifications to about 80-100 traps.

Working with a smile.

The boat in the harbor, waiting for Coast Guard clearance.

Francis, thank you for taking the time and giving me permission to take the photos.

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