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Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Urban Garden - what remains.

Passing through Hawthorne the other day I came across a large parking lot adjacent to a closed hospital.  In the middle of the parking lot was an old prefab mobile home. Surrounding this structure were a few dozen concrete planters - of various size. Although the planters were filled with soil, nothing was growing aside from a few weeds. I did notice however that several of these pots had little figures in them. They seem to be miniature totems or scare crows. All were constructed with a sense of humor. While I was photographing them, the resident of the trailer happened by. "What are you doing' he asked, I replied that I was photographing the figures on sticks, "oh" he said "those are for my garden, but I didn't plant anything this year."
Here are the images I took:

Winnie the Pooh in a flowing skirt!

Meant to scare whom or what away.

This one had fallen in between 2 planters.

Pumpkin flower???


Perhaps this is where the winter wheat was planted!

Speaking of grasses, in the middle of the barren parking lot, stood a solitary traffic  cone with a grass growing out the top. 

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