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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Between The Holidays 2011 - Images From Around the House.

Seems every December lately, I am house bound for one reason or another. Last year I not only had a knee injury but it also rained for 2 weeks straight. At that time I discovered the Hipstamatic App for the iPhone. I used it to shoot an extensive series of images documenting where and how I live. In addition to my regular photography I have shot over 4K Hipstamatic images in the past year.
So, this year I found myself in a similar situation, so again I decided to document my house (mostly in color this time).

Rainy Window

House Plant

Watermelon of Sorts

3 Pears in a Bowl


Yellow Wall


Travel Section of My Library

Field Glasses


Holiday Decor 1

Holiday Decor 2



As always all images are copyright Peter Politanoff (RedStarImage), and all restrictions apply.