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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's Time To Walk

Years of training, 6-8 weeks of camp & intense preparation to time the athlete's performance so he will peak for this moment in his career. Then, it's a 2 hour wait. Check in time is 2 hours before his scheduled fight time.

After the urine test and quick exam by the Commission Physician, the referee Tom Taylor gives the fighter instructions.

The ring announcer stops by checking for proper pronunciation, and a little small talk.

Then the wait starts, fellow fighters stop by for support. Some times the fighter has a scheduled fight time, usually when the fights are telecast. Other times it is as quickly as the previous bouts end.

Tonight boxing great Bernard Hopkins stopped in to encourage the fighter. 

This evening Super Middleweight Jason Quigley 6-0-0 had a scheduled fight time.

About 35 minutes before the bout Coach & Trainer Manuel Robles starts to wrap Jason's hands. The process which ensures that the fighters hands are well padded and protected for the punishment they are going to be inflicting on the opponent.

Jason's all set!

All aspects of the fighters preparations are carefully monitored by State Athletic Commission officials. Once the hands are wrapped an official signs and marks the wrapping to ensure the integrity of the fight.

Once wrapped the fighter is turned over to the conditioning coach. The fighter up first warmed up and then stretched 

Then the final prep begins, the fighter dresses. First the protective cup then his trunks.

Next come the gloves, again under the watchful eye of the officials. Laced by the coach and tapped by the official. Everything done by the book.

The final warm up, on the mitts, while coaches and manager look on. Just enough for the fighter to be sharp when he enters the ring.

The official announces   " It is time to walk " ,  in that last moment - the complete trust of the fighter with his coach.

All of that for this result. Jason Quigley improves to 7-0-0 in a second round KO of his opponent. In 7 bouts Jason has only fought for 12 rounds, all of his 7 victories coming by way of KO.

All images except the last 2 were shot with Leica M (240) ISO 2000 w/ 35mm Summicron lens.

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Special thanks to  Sheer Sports Management, Team Quigley, Jason Quigley, Ken Sheer, Rachel Charles, Manuel Robles and GoldenBoy Promotions