You know, I just can't walk past a mirror without taking a self portrait.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art in The Streets at MoCA

The amazing thing about MoCA's current exhibition at The Geffen Contemporary, is the enthusiasm and energy you feel in the Museum. You get a hint of this approaching the Geffen from 1st Street when you are struck by this colorful 3 story mural on the side of the building. You start to feel the buzz as you walk past the painted Metro Bus and the long line waiting to get in. Once in the door, it is total excitement, you are in a different world. The museum becomes the environment, art hanging on the walls, art painted on the walls, skateboarding ramps, painted cars, and theme park like installations serving as a backdrop to help re-inforce the message. The message that this art  "emerged from American housing projects, subway yards, and bleak suburban parking lots during the 1970's".
It started as simple tagging, I remember seeing the tags on the 'A Line' in NYC (one that always comes to mind "Cha Cha 161"), and progressed to amazing murals covering entire subway cars and multiple cars. Standing on a subway platform in the morning, many of us couldn't wait to see the nights work of the graffiti artists, and we were never disappointed. They became household names (at least in NYC) especially after New York Magazine did a cover story on several.
Here are some images I took over several visits. All images Leica M8.

I can't resist mirrors.

This shot could be on the street.

Low-rider in front of Los Angeles Wall.

Whether with cellphone, iPad or regular camera, the patrons are actively recording the exhibits.

Crash, is one of my favorites.

Capturing Banksy. More cellphones and cameras are active here than any other area.

Cars by Haring and Scharf.

Had to get another self portrait in.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Malibu Castle Park, Redondo Beach

Although Malibu Castle Park, miniature golf park & arcade, has been closed for over 10 years it is still listed by Golf Link and Yelp as an active business. What gives with that? Passing by last night I was reminded that it was still there. So I stopped by this morning and took the following shots.
The castle is gone, but the 4+ story windmill still stands. The site has been trashed, and tagging and street art cover the walls. The area is heavily overgrown and resembles ruins in the Yucatan more than an abandoned-mini theme park.

The only other structure remaining, an adobe belfry.

Someone has even pitched a tent in the center (note the blue tent), and is living in his own private resort.

Something can be said for the quality of the putting green carpets - they still hold up!

At least the local street artists make good use of the abandoned buildings.

The old sign proclaiming the hopes of the future!

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