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Monday, December 23, 2013

2013.12.21; Andrae Carthron vs Helaman Olguin - All Star Promotions

Without a doubt the match of the evening was the second bout. Andrae Carthron from Los Angeles CA with an upside down record of 6-10-2 (2KOs) was matched up with a newcomer from Lancaster CA, Helaman Olguin 1-1-0. Carthron hadn't had a win since Sept. of 2011, his last 3 fights were losses (2 UD and one RTD), the RTD was to Glendy Hernandez who was to battle Charles Martin later that night, he desperately needed a win to keep his career alive. Carthron was knocked down twice in the first round by Olguin, but Carthron got back up each time and continued to fight. Carthron fought his heart out, took punch after punch, but gave out more then he received. Carthron knock Olguin down twice in the third, with referee Raul Caiz Jr stopping the fight with the second knock down. The win was very emotional for Carthron, one could certainly feel for him.

Here are images from the matchup;

Special thanks to Ed Holmes and All Star Promotions.

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