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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Oops ___ Underexposed by 2.5 stops , "I'll fix it in post"


    Test shots of a new film body, turned into... How do I fix this?? 

I inadvertently shot a roll of film +2.5. Yes underexposed by 2.5 stops. How? Well just received my second Leica R 9 from Japan. Quickly set up the camera, however failed to notice that there was an exposure compensation. I was essentially testing the shutter speeds, felt Long Beach Harbor and Port would give me good opportunities. When I processed the film I thought my Xtol was was to old. Until I noticed the exp comp of +2.5. Well as an exercise I scanned the negs anyway. Here are several resulting images after a fair amount of work in Lightroom. A note, tried using AI but the grain and lack of detail were well beyond its scope. Leica R9 w/ Leica 80-200 lens and CatLabs 320 film. Shot in Long Beach, on the sand and in the harbor. As the saying goes "I'll fix it in post"

As you can seeing,  the images are not a total loss. The Lighthouse in particular has a wonderful Pointillist quality. While the ships at sea seem enveloped in a fog.

As always all images are ©Peter Politanoff and may not be reproduced without explicit consent.