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Pens, Fountain Pens and Rollerballs

Montblanc Skeleton A380 Pen

Montblanc has unveiled a limited edition pen to commemorate both the Airbus 380 and the World Cup 2010. The  380 is the aircraft that carried the German National team to the South Africa World Cup.
Along with the dark blue inserts (to represent the windows on the aircraft), the pen also features diamonds on the cap’s ring, cone, and cap top.
The edition is limited to 380 pens (coincidently).


"The OMAS Silk Road celebrates the trade routes, which opened the cultural exchange between the Far East and the West over the last 2,000 years. The Chinese secret of silk making drew the traders from the West to purchase the highly prized material. The exoticism, adventure and distant lands of the Silk Road are depicted with meticulous, colorful enameling on the 925 sterling silver pens plated in gold. The cap, embellished with a jade tip, shows caravans of camels loaded with silk crossing the desert. The clip and the 18K gold fountain pen nib are decorated with arabesques from the flag of Venice, homeland of the famous traveler, Marco Polo. The barrel shows the geography of the sea routes, which connected the West to the East and the coasts of China and Indonesia. Matching rollerball also available. Limited to 1,000 pieces. Bottle fill only."

Very beautiful instruments, for not such an unreasonable price!