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Monday, July 4, 2016

A Week of Prayer and Meditation - Chua Hue Quang

Last week the Hue Quang Vietnamese Buddhist Temple sponsored a week long prayer and studies retreat for over 100 monks and nuns. The attendees from various temples around the area spent their days chanting, praying and studying. Since I am somewhat a member of this congregation I was invited to observe. I spend about 8 hours over 4 days documenting the event. Here are a few of the images.
The Hue Quang Temple in Little Saigon.

The attendees start to arrive,

Shoes are left outside

The Master leads in prayer.

Another monk continues the session,

then it is passed over to a nun.

Chanting continues for 1 hour straight.

While lunch is prepared outside,

and the communal tables are set.

As the monks and nun have lunch the temple is prepared for the afternoon session.

After lunch the attendees return to the temple with a walking chant.

Once in the temple, the line winds through the rows of cushions. A continual motion in opposite directions until everyone is in their place.

 After the sessions, 3 nuns as they leave the temple.

While one asks me for my business card.

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All images shot with Leica cameras & lenses/