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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

First Day Of Summer  - El Porto Beach

Well, It was the first 'official' day of summer. Stopped at El Porto Beach on my way back from Marina del Rey. Leica R9 w/ Leica 35-70 f/4 zoom lens, and only 2 rolls of film in my bag,  CatLabs 320, and Rollei Retro 400S. In reality both film stocks are actually rebranded Agfa Aviphot 200 . 

Trying to shoot out the CatLabs 320, when I noticed a family of 6 making their way to waters edge. I watched as they struggled unfolding the beach chairs, finding the ideal spot on the beach, and finally settling in. There were only 5 frames left on the Catlabs 320. Managed to shoot 2 useable images. Then switched to the Rollei Retro 400S to capture the final shot.

I shot the Catlabs 320 at ISO 200.. this is actually my preferred setting for the Aviphot 200 film stock. While I shot the Rollei Retro 400S at the designated 400 ISO. In processing I developed the CatLabs roll w/ Xytol at a 1:1 dilution, and the Rollei with Rodinal (which has always been my goto developer) at a 1:25. I have to admit the reason for 2 different film stocks was simply my last rolls of both CatLabs 320 and Rollei Retro 400.

Here are the resulting 3 images... #1 & #2 Catlabs, #3 Rollei.

As they arrived, they struggled, group effort, to unfold and attempt to assemble the beach chairs,

The mother points to the preferred spot on the beach.

All set up and enjoying the view, while the eldest daughter reads in the shade.

As you can see the the image quality, although different developers & developing time, is very similar. Midtones I feel are better when the film is shot at ISO 200. Both are very usable approaches to using what is the same film stock... Agfa Aviphot 200.

Hopefully my next post will be a comparison with Fomapan 200.

As always .... all photos are copyright Peter Politanoff.. ©PeterPolitanoff, and cannot be reproduced w/o explicit written permission.

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